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Greenhouse Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Prelgovisk

For information contact: bprelgovisk@rsu18.org

Meeting Time: Wednesdays Lunch B

Greenhouse Club was started in 2014 by eight students who raised the money to build a greenhouse manufactured by Gothic Arch Greenhouse. With the support of administration, the school board, community businesses and members of the club, a greenhouse was built in 2015. Since then, the greenhouse has flourished by adding 12 raised beds and new programs each year.

The Greenhouse Club is an active group of students who work together to grow fruits and vegetables in the gardens and the greenhouse year round. The students participate in experiential learning activities that center around growing techniques, composting, eliminating or controlling disease that damages plants, and seed saving. The group also enjoys cooking sessions, creating food displays, and researching garden knowledge. Some of the grown food is donated to the MHS school cafeteria such as tomatoes, peppers, basil, green beans, and garlic. Other food is used in cooking sessions or shared with students at taste testing events in the library. During the summer, 10 bags of lettuce was donated to the Oakland Food pantry.

New for 2017-18

The focus will be on composting, aquaponics, grow towers and small group research projects.

The Greenhouse Club received a grant from Oak Grove Foundation to purchase two Grow Towers! One will be managed by the Greenhouse Club and moved into classrooms so students can view the growing vegetables. The other will be managed by Kara Chandler who is working on an independent study for Plant Biology. Eventually, the grow towers will be placed in the cafeteria for picking fresh vegetables for the salad bar.

The club will be  participating in the All Sports Boosters Craft Fair November 17th selling homemade hooded blankets and scarfs along with chocolate mint tea and garden-related baked goods.

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