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Welcome, Messalonskee High School Class of 2022!

As we near the start of your freshman year, you may have a few questions regarding the start of school. As the administrator who works with freshmen, I have attempted to anticipate and answer some of those questions below. If you have a specific question that is not addressed below, please feel free to email me (Mr. Sam Dunbar) at  I look forward to meeting you soon.

  1.     When is the first day of school for freshmen? August 29th
  2.     What time do I have to be at school each day? The warning bell for first period will ring at 7:55am, so you should be here by then.
  3.     What should I bring for supplies on the first day? We would suggest bringing a notebook and something to write with on the first day. Each of your teachers will let you know what is needed for their individual classes.
  4.     How does lunch work at the high school? We have divided the teaching staff into two lunches. Depending on if/when you’re “tagged” by a teacher that will determine when you will eat lunch (this will be explained on the first day).
  5.     When does preseason for fall sports begin? August 13th – All questions pertaining to athletics can be answered by calling the Athletic Office directly at 465-4990.
  6.     What if there is a problem with my schedule? You should call the Guidance Office (465-4989) to schedule an appointment with your counselor (counselors and alphabetical breakdown below). All counselors will be in the office starting the week of August 20th.

Last Name
A-F — Ms. Kara Sprague
G-O — Mr. Keith Derosby
P-Z — Mrs. Angela Frame

  1.     If I am ill or have an appointment and must miss school, what do I do?  Please have a parent/guardian contact our attendance secretary (Sarah Dube ext. 4500 or ASAP to properly record your attendance.
  2.     If I become ill at school, whom should I see? Our school nurse, Ms. Murphy. Her office is located beside the Main Office.

We look forward to seeing you on August 28th at the Freshman Welcome BBQ here at the high school from 5-6:30pm. Please RSVP to the high school at 465-7381 with your name and the number of people attending.

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