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Principal’s Pen: December 3-7

Good Afternoon:

There are great things happening at MHS in our classrooms and I have shared with you some recent photos of students participating in their learning. In one photo you will see students practicing their sign language skills, in another you will observe students in Mr. Pellerin’s JMG 9/10 class participating in a scavenger hunt, casting a fly fishing rod in Mr. Podey’s seminar class, students in physical education are having a healthy competition in their class while members of chorus are warming up for class.JMG Scavenger Hunt, Mr. Podey’s Seminar, PE class, Mrs. Michaud’s Class, Mr. Rhein’s class

We would like to recognize and congratulate November Students of the Month. Representing the freshman class is Dynah Zimba, Sophomore Kasen Sirois, Junior Lauren Bourque, Senior Sarah Kohl. The Students Choice Award was awarded to Alysan Rancourt. The following students have been chosen as the November MMTC Students of the Month: Jayden Lenfestey (Early Childhood Education) and Alex Jackson (Automotive Collision Repair). Congratulations to all!

Progress reports will be available on-line this Friday, December 7th. Should you have any questions regarding your son’s/daughter’s grades please do not hesitate to reach out to their teacher or the school counselor. All are more than willing to discuss the progress of your son/daughter.

The winter sport’s season is upon us and we hope you are able to take in a game or meet during this very long season. The full sports schedule is posted on our athletic page of the website. Knowing that your holiday calendar begins to fill up rather quickly I wanted to let you know that this year’s Christmas concert will be held on Sunday, December 16th at 3:00 pm in the Performing Arts Center. This year’s concert has a new twist to it and I am sure that you will be very pleased with what you see and hear.

Now that winter is here we are requesting that students not park their cars in the parking lots overnight. However, if the roads are too dangerous to be on than by all means please air on the side of caution and leave the cars here on campus.

Enjoy the week


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