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MHS Students of the Month – January & February

Outstanding students and their loved ones flooded the Performing Arts Center stage recently as Messalonskee principal Paula Callan recognized the January and February Student of the Month recipients as well as Messalonskee students who earned Student of the Month honors at Mid-Maine Technical Center.

At Messalonskee, the monthly winners in January were the following: Caden Cote, freshman; Gabby Smart, sophomore; Ben Edman, junior; Allyson Albert, senior; and Kailey Pelletier, Student Choice Award.

Five more students received recognition for February: Lukas Duquette, freshman; Ela Peterson, sophomore; Daimian Lewis, junior; Olivia Roy, senior; and Hanna Lavenson, Student Choice Award.

The following Messalonskee students earned recognition for their efforts at MMTC: Austin Arsenault, automotive technology; Aislinn McDaniel, early childhood education; Shelby Hoffman, culinary arts; Chase Veregge, medical careers; Andrew Everett, electrical technology; Noah Cummings, construction technology; Bradley Mullen, CTE Academy; Connor McCurdy, information technology; and Surae Dunn, criminal justice.

Both freshman winners are known for their outstanding social skills. Caden Cote makes everybody feel welcome and heard, a quality he makes clear during class discussions about course readings. He also is good about taking critical feedback and using it to improve his writing. Lukas Duquette, the February winner, embodies the class motto of “kindness matters.” He is a student who goes out of his way to hold open doors for others and, along with greeting people with a “good morning” on a daily basis, Lukas is quick to volunteer for chair stacking duties at the end of chorus class.

The sophomore recipients are a pair of high energy girls. Gabby Smart, the January winner, is active in athletics as well as in the community. Moreover, she is a highly motivated student with a can-do attitude who can always be found participating in class and., whatever the course, she makes sure to be fully prepared to ensure she turns in quality work. Ela Peterson is a driven student with a diverse background who loves to study how the world works. She also has a passion for the theater, participating in the school drama program both as an actress and as part of the crew. In the latter role, Ela gets involved with sewing costumes and heading the hair department.

Both junior winners are extremely goal driven. Ben Edman shows this in the most visible sense in the sports realm as a member of the school track team. He recently took second place in the shot put at the KVAC championships. Daimian Lewis, the February recipient, exhibits his drive in his passion for writing. In his English class, he often writes about environmental issues and also enjoys composing comparisons of literary characters. Whatever the subject, he is keen on getting feedback given his deep desire to improve his writing skills.

A strong work ethic best describes the senior recipients. January winner Allyson Albert goes above and beyond expectations as both a friend and a student. She is the go-to person in the Fastbreak Cafe, making sure all the equipment is ready to use and ensuring that the food preparation process goes smoothly. Olivia Roy operates on maximum effort in everything she does, whether participating with her fellow members of the Outing Club or competing on the Messalonskee swim team. A positive person by nature, she finds fun in whatever activity she engages in.

Extracurricular excellence is the phrase that defines the two Student Choice Award winners. Kailey Pelletier is one of the leading catalysts for the school drama program. An assistant director for Chicago, the recent musical production, Kailey brings enthusiasm and energy to the stage. February recipient Hanna Lavenson, meanwhile, is a role model for extracurricular involvement. Somehow she manages to find the energy to be involved with GSTA, Book Club, band, chorus, and theater. She also is always willing to help a classmate in need.

Finally, librarian Sylvia Jadczak announced Grace Bridges and Sarah Kohl as the “Caught Reading” winners for January and February respectively.



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