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MHS Students of the Month – March 2019

The March Students of the Month are generally a quiet bunch in personality but loud in terms of academic accomplishment.

Freshman Olivia Bourque, sophomore Alexis Ames, junior Alexis Furbush, senior Paige Lilly, and Student Choice winner Ethan Gilles also look beyond their own personal goals and help to foster a supportive school atmosphere that benefits all students.

The teacher who nominated Olivia described the freshman as kind, gracious, and always ready to give thoughtful answers. Moreover, she is student who produces sophisticated, high quality work despite her young age. Somehow, she pulls off this academic excellence despite being involved in dance five days a week.

Alexis Ames is a student determined not just to learn but to refine and master the lessons she encounters in the classroom, according to her nominator. And while she might not always speak during class discussions, the sophomore is deeply engaged in the conversations nevertheless, considering and evaluating the ideas and opinions being raised.

Junior recipient Alexis Furbush brings a warm smile and a friendly nature to school on a daily basis. She, too, is a student deeply involved in the intellectual discourse in the classroom and is known for her thoughtful questions.

Paige, the senior winner, is involved in many volunteer and co-curricular activities and also, as an oldest child, has numerous responsibilities at home. But despite her hectic schedule, Paige remains a calm, patient person happy to help anybody in need, according to her nominating teacher.

Another supportive soul is Student Choice Award winner Ethan. He played that role magnificently in helping the cast for the recent school drama Something Wicked This Way Comes. At the moment, though, Ethan is taking more of a starring role as co-director of this year’s student comedy production.

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