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School Counseling Mission Statement:

At Messalonskee High School, the guidance department views each student as an individual with unique needs, interests, and abilities, We believe that the learning experience is linked directly to the personal, social, emotional, educational, and cultural needs of the student.

Our primary goal is to assist students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve greater independence and self-knowledge in the areas of academic and career planning, decision-making, interpersonal and social skills, and self-exploration.

We believe that all students should be working toward the creation of a plan that will enable them to successfully compete in today’s competitive job market. This plan may include some type of college, military experience, apprenticeship/training and or direct entry into the labor force. We also believe that students need to realize that the demand for unskilled labor has been drastically reduced over the years, and in order for them to be competitive, some type of additional training beyond and/or supplemental to their high school experience is a necessity for all high school graduates.

The Messalonskee High School community fosters critical thinkers, effective communicators, and creative problem solvers.

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